Water Supply Specialists work with industry-leading brands and products proven for Australian conditions. Leading solutions in water management from suppliers including:

Our Range


Our range of water pressure systems will give your property reliable water supply as required for domestic, rural, industrial and leisure needs. Our rural range can supply stock, irrigation and wash down areas – they are designed to be utilised with any water source. From drainage and waste water, to pool, pond, low voltage, solar and windmills - we have the pump to suit your needs!


We supply a range of Australian-made tanks for rural or domestic water catchment down to supplying a small garden sprinkler. If you need prompt turnaround, we have a tanks in stock plus we provide free delivery (conditions apply).


Solar Energy is the most abundant source of energy on earth – let us walk you through the solutions for capturing, converting, storing and using solar power for various applications and operations.

Pipes & Fittings

We have a large range of poly and PVC pipe to suit all your plumbing and water supply needs. No matter the quantity, we can cater for your projects large and small. Our range of fittings meet all plumbing sizes, domestic, garden and rural, and materials including poly pipe, PVC, copper, galvanised steel, stainless steel, stormwater and even fittings for your garden.

Pool & Spa

Welcome to your local BioGuard™ Pool Shop! With access to BioGuard’s full range of outstanding products we can keep your pool or spa crystal clear all year round. Need to check your water quality? We also have pool and spa water testing facilities in store.

Special Orders

There is a wide range of products we can source, if we don’t have in store we work hard to locate the right product for your project. Check with our friendly team.