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WSS News | October

November 9, 2023


We are already busy with solar installations and garden / orchard irrigation systems along with general outdoor maintenance work. The dryer September has dried out top soils and whilst the countryside and crops look fantastic after good winter rains it is now possible to trench and get equipment on the ground.

It is time (before the summer) to think about carrying out maintenance on solar pumps and checks on water system performance. In bores where water quality may not be great, we do recommend pulling up solar pumps in the spring to have a visual check and clean. On Lorentz pumps we can also do some performance analysis as historical data is stored on the controller.

In dams where water quality is generally excellent it is not required to check the solar pumps, but it is important to check on reeds and algae and that the pump remains in clean, clear water.

House and farm mains power pump performance can drop over time and this can result in lower water volumes or lower pressure but also may increase the power requirement.

Good maintenance should lead to greater reliability and in summer this will be important.



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