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WSS News | November

November 30, 2023


Being well prepared is the first step.

There are new fire danger ratings that you should be aware of, and you should be clear about whether you plan to stay and defend or plan to leave. Either way you should still have a fire pump system and well prepared home that is more likely to survive a bushfire.

Some homes, due to the location (generally close bushland) are not safe to defend but other homes with good design and a water system designed for protection can be defended.

You have to assume that there will not be mains power available on extreme or catastrophic fire rating days so a petrol or diesel fire pump connected to an adequate water source will be important.

Every home is going to be a bit different in how a bushfire survival plan is designed and what equipment and system is needed – whether it is the size or type of the pump, the location of the pump, the hydrants, the hoses and nozzles, the sprinklers, the guttering protection, the automation or the tests to ensure the system works.

Water Supply Specialists are happy to advise and assist you in designing a fire protection system. This may include a property drawing of the proposed design but also a checklist about getting ready.



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