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WSS News | April


I am feeling it. The cold mornings that is. The shorter days are also very noticeable. A change in the season as we prepare for hopefully a wet winter. Not too wet but enough to replenish dams and tanks and to provide the moisture for good pasture and crop growth. How much we rely on this each autumn.

Last weeks rain (we had 24mm in Colac) was a fantastic start for pastures and a lot of seed has germinated. With the soil still warm and minimal pests at this time of year, the grass and clover has shot away. It bodes well.

The power of water and sun.

There is still the opportunity (before it gets too wet) to build capacity for water storage. Maybe that extra tank. Maybe some additional drains to channel water to dams. Maybe a new dam?

It could also be timely to install a solar pump to transfer water over winter to additional storage.

Give us a call if you would like to investigate solar pumping or installing additional tanks.

Regards, Jack

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